Hasan Karisik

Hasan Karisik boasts a rich and diverse professional background spanning over almost 15 years, with extensive experience in IT, finance, NGO, and logistics sectors. Combining his passion for technology and travel, Hasan co-founded Lyntel alongside Kristijan, aiming to simplify travel and connectivity for adventurers worldwide. Throughout his career, Hasan has excelled in business development, sales and marketing initiatives in renowned organizations. His tenure in these roles exemplifies a remarkable ability to navigate complex landscapes, forge strategic partnerships, and drive sustainable growth strategies that transcend industry boundaries. Furthermore, Hasan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, augmenting his practical experience with formal education and ensuring a well-rounded skill set. With a proven track record of leadership, innovation, and a passion for technology, Hasan continues to drive positive change in the industries he engages with.

Kristijan Ilicic

Kristijan Ilicic is above all a traveler and adventurer, a real modern nomad, with more than a 194+ countries behind him. He is an award-winning Croatian travel blogger and travel influencer who brings stories from distant travel destinations in his own unique way, directly and without twists. In the last 15 years, he has traveled to almost every single country in the world. By profession he has master degree in information technology. At the age of 16, he set up a portal that quickly became one of the top five portals in Croatia, which launched him into the world of digital technologies and reached the position of director at the then largest regional publishing house at a relatively young age. In the summer of 2017, he decided to leave all that and embark on the journey of his life, following the idea of ​​traveling to every country in the world. Guided with that passion, he founded Nomadik Travel agency, with the goal of helping people explore amazing wonders of the world. Combining his vast travel experience he co-founded Lyntel together with Hasan, creating best travel companion.